YoYo Games GameMaker 8: Make Free Games

GameMaker 8 is the latest version of the free easy game development software Game Maker from developers YoYo Games Ltd.

Game Maker enables you to create your own Windows computer games without needing to know how to write any code. Built in drag and drop actions can be used to create simple games in a multitude of genres: platform, role-playing games, arcade games, 3D games and even your own unique ideas.

Once you have become familiar using drag and drop you may want to learn Game Maker’s built in scripting language, GML, which enables you to extend the possibilities of your creations.

Game Maker 8 (beta 1) IDE Download Game Maker 8.0

Download Game Maker 8 Final Release

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Development Timeline:

  • December 22nd 2009 – Game Maker 8 final release
  • November 15th 2009 – Second Game Maker 8 Release Candidate (RC2) released
  • September 20th 2009 – Game Maker 8 Release Candidate released
  • July 20th 2009 – Second public beta released
  • July 3rd 2009 – First public beta of Game Maker 8 released
  • June 26th 2009 – Game Maker 8 feature list revealed