Bookmaker 1xBet’s offer market 

The 1xBet bookmaker’s line offer market is a list of sports events that you can bet on at the moment. This offer market contains different types of bets on sporting events, such as wins, draws, handicaps, totals, and other specific types of bets depending on the sport.

The list of sports events in the offer market on 1xBet is updated in real time, which allows players to bet on current events in Live mode. You can find many different sports in the 1xBet lineup, including soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, boxing, golf, volleyball, and baseball, among others.

In addition, there are different types of bets available in the offer market at 1xBet, which may differ depending on the sport and specific events. For example, in soccer, types of bets such as handicaps, totals, betting on a specific score, etc. are available. In hockey, you can bet on team wins, goal totals, handicaps and many others.

In general, the offer market in the line at 1xBet is a wide selection of sporting events and betting types, which allows players to choose the most suitable options for their bets and increase their chances of winning.

How to bet on 1xBet correctly 

In order to bet correctly on 1xBet, you need to consider several important factors:

  1. Study statistics and analysis of events. It is necessary to learn information about the teams, players, the state of the field/court/ring and other factors that may affect the outcome of the event. This will help to make more informed decisions and reduce the risks of losing.
  2. Choosing the most appropriate types of bets. It is necessary to choose the types of bets that are suitable for the particular event and take into account your game strategy. For example, if you are not sure about the outcome of the match, you can choose totals or handicaps.
  3. Managing your bankroll. It is important not to overstep your bankroll and not to bet too much money on one event. It is better to divide your bankroll into several bets and limit the size of the bets according to the bankroll.
  4. The use of bonuses and promo codes. 1xBet often offers various bonuses and promo codes that allow you to increase your winnings. You need to use them if they fit your needs and strategy.
  5. Keeping track of changing odds. The odds at 1xBet can change in real time, and this can affect your betting decision. You need to keep an eye on the changing odds and place your bets on time.
  6. Not to bet on emotions. It is necessary to keep emotions under control and not to bet based on personal preferences or emotions. It is better to make decisions based on analysis and statistics.
  7. Using mobile apps. 1xBet mobile apps allow you to bet anytime and anywhere. They can be convenient for players who cannot always be present at the computer.

In general, betting on 1xBet correctly depends on your strategy, event analysis and bankroll management.

Types of bets on 1xBet 

1xBet offers many different types of bets on different sports. Some of the most popular types of bets at 1xBet include:

  1. Single bets are bets on a single event, where you choose an outcome and bet on its result.
  2. Express bets are bets on several events, where all selected outcomes must be correct to win. Usually, such bets are used to increase your winnings.
  3. System bets are bets on several events, where you can select different combinations of outcomes. For example, you can select three events, and create three selections of those events. If just one of the selections is correct, you win.
  4. Totals are bets on the total number of goals/points/games etc. in a match.
  5. Forfeits are bets on the result of the match, which takes into account the handicap factor. For example, if team A has a handicap -1.5, it must beat team B by more than 2 goals to win a bet.
  6. Live bets are bets on events that have already started. You can bet on results, totals and other types of bets, depending on the current state of affairs on the field.
  7. Special bets are bets on various events that are not related to the result of the match. 

For example, you can bet on who will score the first goal in the match or which player will receive the first yellow card.

At 1xBet various types of bets on cyber sports, weather conditions, politics and other topics are also available.