Games created with GameMaker 8

GameMaker 8, developed by YoYo Games, is a popular game creation tool that is widely used by both beginners and professional developers. Here are some famous games created with GameMaker 8.


A platformer with RPG elements developed by Derek Yu. Players explore caves, collect treasures and avoid traps, each playthrough is randomly generated.

Hotline Miami

A top-down action game developed by Dennaton Games (Jonathan Söderström and Dennis Wedin). Players control an unnamed protagonist while completing violent missions inspired by 1980s crime themes.


A role-playing game created by Toby Fox. Players control a child who is trapped in a dungeon inhabited by monsters. The game is known for its unique gameplay elements and strong narrative.

Hyper Light Drifter

An action-RPG developed by Heart Machine. The game features gorgeous pixel art and addictive gameplay inspired by classic 8-bit and 16-bit games.


A swordsmanship action game developed by Mark Ess. Players fight each other while trying to make their way to the target on the opposite end of the screen.


A stealth puzzle platformer developed by Tom Francis. Players control a private detective using various gadgets to complete missions.

These games demonstrate the capabilities of GameMaker 8 and its popularity among indie game developers due to its accessibility and functionality.

Features of GameMaker 8 games

GameMaker 8, developed by YoYo Games, is a powerful tool for creating 2D games. Here are the main features of this version:

1. User Interface

    • Simple and intuitive interface. GameMaker 8 offers a user-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and experienced developers. The development environment is visually orientated, making it easy to create game elements.
    • Drag-and-Drop. The ability to use drag-and-drop (drag-and-drop elements) to create gameplay without having to write code, making game development accessible to beginners.

    2. GML programming language

    • GameMaker Language (GML). The built-in GML programming language allows more experienced developers to create complex game mechanics. GML provides opportunities for scripting and controlling the game at a deeper level.
    • Scripts and Features. Support for scripts and custom functions allows you to create modular and reusable components for the game.

    3. Sprite Editor

    • Built-in sprite editor. GameMaker 8 includes a sprite editor that allows you to draw and animate graphics directly in the development environment.
    • Animation support. Ability to create sprite animations, including frame-by-frame animation and changing animation speeds.

    4. Level Editor

    • Room Editor. Convenient level (room) editor where you can place game objects, configure their properties and behaviour. It facilitates the process of creating and testing game levels.
    • Tile maps. Tile maps support for creating large and detailed game worlds.

    5. Audio support

    • Integrate sounds and music. GameMaker 8 makes it easy to add sound effects and music tracks to your games, providing a rich audio-visual experience.
    • Sound Management. Sound management capabilities include adjusting volume, panning, and playing sound effects in response to game events.

    6. Game export

    • Multi-platform exporting. Although GameMaker 8 is primarily focused on creating games for Windows, it is possible to export games to other platforms, including HTML5 and mobile devices, using extensions and add-ons.

    7. Community and Support

    • Extensive community. A large and active developer community that provides support, tutorials, and code samples.
    • Documentation and Resources. Extensive documentation and available resources, such as tutorials and forums, help developers solve problems and learn new techniques.

    8. Game examples

    • Popular games. Many successful indie games have been created with GameMaker, such as Spelunky, Hotline Miami, and Undertale, demonstrating the tool’s ability to create quality projects.

    These features make GameMaker 8 a powerful and affordable 2D game creation tool that can be used by beginners and professionals alike.